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Gran becomes godparent to three Newfoundlands

Posted by: Richard Towey  Date: 18/03/2013   Category: Latest News

A grandmother in Wiltshire has become the first person in Britain to be appointed godmother of a pack of dogs, reports thesun.co.uk.

Christine Bodman might be 65, but she clearly rates her ability to “protect and care” for three huge Newfoundlands in the event of their owner’s death or incapacitation.

Ruby, two, Maggie, four and ten-year-old Labrador-crossbreed Harley live with Pat Franklin in Honiton, near Devon.

The pair are good friends and have agreed that Ms Bodman should become a quasi-legal guardian to the dogs – based on traditional church and christening vows.

It’s therefore not an agreement that would hold up in court but one that does reflect a “heartfelt promise”, according to Ms Bodman.

What’s absolutely certain is that Ms Franklin has plucked the best possible candidate to take care of her pet dogs in the event of the unforeseen.

The shop owner’s relationship with Ms Bodman stemmed from the former buying a Newfoundland puppy from the latter, who owns four Newfoundlands among a range of animals herself.

Ms Bodman might have to buy a few more large dog beds if ever her role comes into play, but she doesn’t seem to mind the prospect of added hassle.

“It’s not something many people think about but it’s an important question,” she commented, cited by topix.com.

“Just like a parent, pet owners want to make sure their animals are going to be looked after if something happens to them.”