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Great news Eyenimal pet cameras coming soon

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 03/07/2013   Category: Cat Care

Ever wondered what your pets get up to whilst you are not there? Now you can find out. COMING SOON to Easy Animal is the Eyenimal; a camera that attached to their collar will give you an insight in the life of your pet, awarded best pet product in 2011.This small lightweight camera weighing only 35g works by being placed on your pets’ normal collar and simply pressing record. The Eyenimal will continue to record for up to 2.5 hours or until you stop recording. You can then attach the camera to your PC and see exactly where you’re pet has been and what they’ve been doing. Attaching the camera to the PC will also automatically charge the camera meaning you will never be without battery life.
This innovative design allows you to reveal your pet’s independent life stories, take a peek into their wild and exciting adventures and divulge into their travels wherever they will be! It also allows you to see if anyone else is feeding or mistreated your pets whilst you are not around.
Perfect for outdoors the Eyenimal is shower proof however it is not waterproof unless your cat likes to swim which most don’t you should be fine.. If you want an insight into your pets lives out of mystery or if you are worried about their welfare then this is the ideal product for you.