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Great News For Owners Of Deaf Dogs

Great News For Owners Of Deaf Dogs

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 26/06/2011   Category: Dog Gadgets

For those people who own deaf dogs, recall has always been an issue. Whether it’s an elderly dog whose hearing has deteriorated or a young dog with profound problems it can be frustrating for any owners who need to recall them when letting them off the lead or for a stroll in the garden.

Up until now owners of deaf dogs had little choice but to either run after their dogs or use a remote control static pulse collar which was a difficult decision for some, especially in Wales where the use of these collars has been restricted. However the good news is that the French company Numaxes who produce the Canicom range have just brought out a vibrating collar called the ‘Easy Dog Soft’.

The new Easy Dog Soft collar is a remote training collar that operates upto a range of 200m and has two levels of vibration and also a continuous vibration feature for less responsive dogs. This collar can also be used in the dark as the receiver collar has a flashing LED on the collar to help you to see the dogs location. The Easy Dog Soft collar is fully waterproof so can be used in all weather conditions and terrains.

The great news about this collar is that you don’t have to own a deaf dog to use it as it can also be effectively used for all dogs where the owners have strong views against the use of static as it has a beep warning tone so this can be operated like any other type of remote training collar. For details on this collar or the full range of Canicom long distance training collars please contact Easy Animal Ltd at the following address; Easy Animal Unit B2, Whitebridge Lane, Stone, Staffs, ST15 8LQ Tel: 0800 849 8844 Email: sales@easyanimal.co.uk