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Greater Manchester charities facing crisis over number of abandoned cats

Posted by: Deborah Bates  Date: 07/10/2013   Category: Latest News

Animal charities in Greater Manchester are said to be feeling the pressure from the number of abandoned cats that are coming into their care.

Statistics show that more cats have been handed in RSPCA Altrincham than ever this year. The figure is 150 so far, but it is claimed that there are still dozens more waiting to be adopted. The RSPCA in Rochdale has also had 334 kitties in its cat beds, which is a much figure than usual for this time of year.

It is thought that the rising number of cats being handed in to charities is due to the fact that people can no longer afford the pets.

Talking about the situation, Julia Tucker, the branch manager of RSPCA Altrincham, told manchestereveningnews.co.uk: It has been particularly bad this year. It’s a mix of people not getting their cats neutered because they can’t afford it and not being able to afford to care for them.”

She added: “We don’t have a cattery so it’s all down to the volunteers who take them into their homes.”

Meanwhile it was also reported this week by bournelocal.co.uk that the Stamford and District branch of another animal charity, Cats Protection, is appealing for more volunteers to give the pets a home.

Those at the charity have said that they are “inundated” with cats and claim they haven’t got the capacity to cope with the current number of the animals.