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How to groom a cat

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 25/06/2015   Category: Expert Advice

It is surprising how many cat owners do not know the basics of grooming their cats or even knew that they needed to. Owners of short haired cats tend to think that their cats do not need grooming due to their coat however this is untrue and all cats will need regular grooming, just some more than others. This will help cut down on the amount of shedding which can causes hairballs if cats are left to it themselves leading to potential health problems.

Long haired cats will need regular brushing to ensure no tangles turn into mats which can be painful to have removed. You should be grooming a long haired cat daily for 5-10 minutes. This helps to keep on top of their knots and also prevents matting. Cats find this short period of time a lot less stressful than weekly brushes that will include removal of knots. There are several different types of grooming equipment to use which depends on the type of hair they have.

Short haired cats do not need daily grooming however cat owners may find getting your cat into a routine will help their behaviour. A couple of minutes a day is adequate for a short haired cat however if they enjoy it then continue for longer. A fine tooth metal comb will help to remove their loose hair and detangle any knots. If you are getting your cat used to grooming then try to end with a positive, either a massage or a treat. They will soon learn that grooming is something to enjoy.

Grooming also helps stimulate the skin to produce natural oils keeping both their skin and hair healthy. Just like dog grooming, grooming can be a time to bond with your cat and investigate their skin checking for any irregularities in their skin or hair. By grooming your cat you will be keeping an eye on their health so if anything was noticed then you can get this seen to immediately and treating the issue will be easier.

It is advised to start grooming your cat from an early age and add it into their routine so they can get used to it. Most cats love grooming however for some it takes a little longer to get used to. Start by doing short grooming sessions and gradually increase the time. If your cat appears anxious then stop and try again the following day. Once your cat is used to being groomed they will enjoy this daily and enjoy bonding with you whilst you can have peace of mind that their health and skin are in great condition.