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Grooming builds a bond with your dog

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 08/02/2013   Category: Dog Grooming

Most owners claim to have a great bond with their dogs, but now a new survey from the UK has been released, maybe we can all look to improve the bond we have with our dogs.

A survey of nearly 200 dog owners has shown that grooming your dogs creates a stronger bond between the both of you. The survey was carried out by the brand Mikki who are currently running the competition, Britain’s Next Dog Model. Brand Manager, Anh Nguyen talks about the competition and what a positive thing grooming is, “The competition aims to highlight responsible pet ownership, the natural beauty of dogs and the importance of grooming as part of a regular health check up.”

Grooming your dog whether it is clipping hair and nails or just a brush is a great way of bonding with your dogs. Dogs love the attention and will enjoy the pampering. Grooming is also a great way to check your dog for any possible health problems. You should always check your dog’s skin for lumps or skin conditions and their feet and ears for mites.

How often do you groom your dogs? Do you think grooming them has increased the bond you have with them? Let us know your opinions by tweeting us @easyanimal