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Guide dog attacks rise significantly

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 13/06/2013   Category: Latest News

The Guide Dogs Association have voiced their concern over the protection guide dogs have after an increased number of dogs have been attacked by other pet dogs. The figures have rose on average by seven dogs a month in the last five years meaning now ten guide dogs are attacked by other dogs each month in the UK.
Hayley Johnson who is blind and has had her dog for almost seven years explained the injures her guide dog received from other pet dog, “the dog bit her in three places on her leg, all the way down to the bone.” Unfortunately this is just one of the incidents reported and attacks that this are happening regularly on innocent guide dogs.
Guide dogs are not taught to be aggressive or fight so when attacked they often can’t fight back or protect themselves leaving them with devastating injuries or for their blind owners to get involved which is equally as dangerous. The guide dog association will now look into ways of providing dogs and their owners with more protection from other dogs