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Guide Dog complaints on the rise

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 13/09/2013   Category: Dog Walking

The Charity, Guide Dogs has announced an increase in complaints that guide dog owners are illegally being refused entry into certain establishments such as restaurants, shops and public transport. The complaints from owners have increased massively in the last few months and have risen by over a third since last year. The charity sees the root of these problems simply being ignorance of the law in place and feel something needs to be done.

The charity’s chief executive, Richard Leaman, said: “More awareness is needed to avoid blind and partially sighted people having to cope with this stress and discrimination in their daily lives.
There are over 4,700 guide dogs in the UK so something needs to happen to increase awareness of this and ensure that all business owners make adjustments to make their premises accessible to all people.

The charity will be keeping a close eye on complaints in hope they decrease over the coming months.