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Guide Dogs now trained to load your washing machine

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 26/11/2013   Category: Latest News

Guide dogs are well known for the great and caring job they do helping the unable to do simple tasks like cross a road and keep their owners safe and whilst this is an outstanding act to do there has now been more development in training support dogs to help disabled people.
Duffy is one of the chosen breeds to be specially trained enabling him to strip beds, full up laundry baskets and also both load and empty washing machines. With the new invention of a woof to wash machine they are now being trained to do all of the laundry for their disabled owners helping them lead an easier lifestyle.
Using special doggie friendly buttons and ropes, the dogs can now be trained to use the washing machine starting the cycle by simply barking at it. The inventor John Middleton saw a video of dogs loading the washing machine and thought he could invent a machine where the dog can complete the whole job taking a lot of strain off the owners. Thinking carefully about the design of the washing machine, John ensured everything was simple in its design to work by the dog pushing, pulling and barking.
Inventor John Middleton said: “I saw a video from the charity Support Dogs, where a dog strips a bed and loads the washing machine. I was blown away and thought I could invent a machine where the dog does everything. So I got in touch with Support Dogs and they loved the idea. They said it would be a huge help to their severely disabled users”
John then demoed his invention to the dog charity and with the use of one of the specially trained dogs, the charity could see the potential in this product immediately.
Charity director of operations Rita Howson said: “A normal washing machine can be very challenging. What John has brilliantly come up with here is to tailor make these machines to individual needs.”
This is a fantastic step forward in using dogs to better people’s lives and goes to show just how clever dogs can be.