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Halo microchip pet scanners now in stock

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 13/06/2013   Category: New Products

This decision to microchip all dogs comes just as Easy Animal take stock of the new Halo scanners which are perfect for scanning most microchips. They are small in size and circular in shape, fantastic  to use on dogs as once scanned it will show if the dog has been reported missing or stolen and will also be able to give owners details which is a great aid when trying to reunite pets with their owners.
These microchip scanners are great for locating your pets microchip so now you can see whether a chip has moved or migrated within your pet , and these Halo scanners are a must if you are travelling with your pets across any borders to European destinations.
The scanner has an excellent read range, especially for such a small lightweight scanner allowing it to pick up microchips all over the dog in quick and efficient manner. With the battery being recharged using a computers USB port, this is the most simple yet effective scanner out there on the market and at less than £50.00 delivered, you simply won’t find anything better.
So now you will have total peace of mind that if your dog unfortunately escaped, that as soon as your dog is found or handed in to a rescue home or vet you will be reunited with them immediately. We think every pet owner should have one of these scanners, a must buy!