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Has Crufts dog show lost its standing in the dog world?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 15/10/2013   Category: Dog Toys

We have exhibited on numerous occasions at Crufts and we know many companies that have done so for many years. However the general feeling is that the show seems to be in decline. Many of the business owners we have talked to have seen a significant drop in sales and revenue from the show with a large proportion saying that they will not be exhibiting in the future or they have reduced their size of their stand space.

This is a real shame and i am sure there are many factors that has contributed to  this but  the real worry for the general fee paying public is that Crufts has replaced many great dog  companies and filled them with non dog related products. When you go around the show there is a significant number of non dog related stands like, jewellery, general gifts, diy and lots more non relevant sellers.  Customers really want to see dog products so that they can buy these at the show or further their knowledge about what they might need in the future.

Another significant issue has been the spiralling cost of entry for a family and let’s not forget the cost of parking and there is little change for a family of four out of £100 just to get into the show. Certainly many families just don’t have the spare funds to then spend so much on buying dog products after such an outlay.

There does seem to be a real concern that the Kennel Club are just taking this show down the wrong path and ultimately too many visitors and traders are voting with their feet. A few years ago you would struggle to get down many of the aisles due to the large numbers of people, but nowadays it’s relatively easy to walk anywhere which must be a real worry for the shows promoters.

The show also does appear to have struggled to get significant sponsorship since the bad press  a few years ago, this in itself has a knock on effect as the KC then attempt to replace that revenue with higher costs, this burden often being passed over to the stall holders and paying public. As an active company in the dog arena we have are certainly worried about the future of the show.  What are your views on the Crufts Dog Show, if you have any concerns on this we would love to hear from you, we will publish a further article once we have gained more feedback from you.