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Having pets at work could boost morale

Having pets at work could boost morale

Posted by: Deborah Bates  Date: 25/10/2012   Category: Latest News

Allowing pets into the workplace could improve staff motivation and morale, according to writer Dale Preece-Kelly.

He did acknowledge that introducing furry creatures to the workplace could create all sorts of health and safety problems – plus, someone would have to buy dog beds, rodent cages or scratching posts for cats. Despite that, Preece-Kelly believes it really could have a positive impact upon a workforce.

He spoke about a company that allowed a hamster to become part of the team. Using one of the common stacking tube systems, the hamster was allowed to effectively run about the desks; with staff stopping every once in a while to feed it some snacks. Preece-Kelly said: “This brought a general calm and happiness to the office.

“Not only did it reduce the stress of the workforce, but also the manager, as his team were happier and therefore had less issues with their routine tasks – and it also made them more productive,” he added, cited by ashbournenewstelegraph.co.uk.

The writer linked this improvement in morale to the fact that staff members took breaks more frequently – albeit short ones – and that they were doing something nice for the hamster. “All of this makes for a more positive attitude,” Preece-Kelly continued.

He isn’t the first person to make such a claim though, as earlier this year, researchers from America found that those who had access to dogs at work had lower stress levels. Bbc.co.uk confirmed that the study – which took place at Virginia Commonwealth University – also found the dog’s presence increased workers’ inclination to co-operate with each other.

Plus, it means less stress for the dog, as it isn’t left alone for prolonged periods of time – making it a win-win situation.