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Health benefits of dog ramps

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 16/12/2016   Category: Blog

As your dog gets older, you shouldn’t make the mistake of still considering it a puppy. As your dog ages, the simple acts such as getting up on the couch for snuggling up gets harder.

An aged dog can no longer jump from high places as it may cause much discomfort, dislocated bones, or even tear ligaments. Also, with age, your dog may suffer from ailments like arthritis and hip dyspepsia. If you get your dog a dog ramp, then it allows them to move with the freedom that they once rejoiced.

As they can go through your home comfortably, you will notice a change in their mood, they’ll become more playful. They act like the same before, enjoying car rides, joining you up on the couch or on the bed with you.

Also, dog ramps offer your dog the benefits of exercising. As they find it comfortable to move more, their body gets the required exercise. As they climb up and down on the ramps or stairs, they can burn more calories and fat. Even the joint pain and the hip issues ease up as they don’t carry much weight around.

It is not only healthy for the dog, but for the owner too as there is no need to always be bending down to lift your pet as even the dog can now move freely.

Dog ramps are not only meant for elderly dogs. They can also be used for puppies and smaller dog breeds. Even your dog can suffer from issues due to jumping at an early age. Smaller dogs are more prone to issues like broken bones as they leap from one place to another. Dog ramps are beneficial to any dog suffering from issues like arthritis, hip dyspepsia, or diabetes. Also, dog ramps prevent the onset of such diseases.

You can also consult a vet clinic in case you are yet to decide on the use of dog ramps for your pet. Such vet clinics can also help you with health tips for a healthy life of your dog.

It is a great gift to offer your dog with dog ramp. Not only your dog gets various health benefits, but you also get to spend some more comfortable time with your beloved dog.