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Heavy Duty Puppy Pen a Great Solution for Breeders

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 15/04/2016   Category: Animal HQ

We love it when a customer comes back to us after ordering with some feedback of our products and service, especially when they include pictures. Steve ordered the 5cm heavy duty puppy pen from us in February and was really pleased with it when it arrived.

“Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent service and product!

It arrived this morning, and it is a great product.

Many thanks.”

Puppy pens are useful for several reasons but mainly for when a dog is breeding. It’s a great way to give your dog some space away from the family which they will want and also to keep the puppies contained when they arrive.

These heavy duty pens are built using the same galvanised panels that our dog panels for dog runs are made from so they are extremely strong, durable and importantly can be used both inside the house but also externally as they are weatherproof and will not rust when left out in the rain.

They can be constructed within a few minutes and are covered by a lifetime warranty. They are the perfect product for all breeds as the 5cm gaps between each dog panel are great to keep the puppies safe. Coming with all the necessary fixings, you simply need to bolt the walls together and place it in the area you choose, however it can easily be moved at any time.

When constructed it produces a 1.5m square safe area for your dog and puppies to play or rest which you can only enter via a heightened gate. This gate is at the perfect height for you or your dog to step over however it’s just high enough so that the puppies can’t escape every time you open the gate.

We recommend using puppy pens as not only does it give your pregnant dog a place to rest before her puppies arrive, it always gets her used to the area she will give birth and then look after the puppies. During the birth it is good to have a confined area for the puppies as you may become preoccupied and one may escape. After the birth the pen creates a safe haven for the puppies and you can be assured that they are safe at all times. It’s a great way of giving your dogs some fresh air without having to risk them all going off in different directions in the garden and getting into mischief.

You can purchase the heavy duty puppy pen via our website at www.easyanimal.co.uk