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Hefty vet bill for raisin-eating pooch

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 27/03/2013   Category: Latest News

A Labrador got more than he bargained for when tucking into a bag of raisins, according to deadlinenews.co.uk.

Five-year-old Charlie, who has been known to eat items such as socks and sticks, ran up a vets bill of £8,000 when he needed medical treatment for eating the snack. The pooch racked up the costs by having to have surgery, scans, drugs, dialysis and intensive care.

Owner Louise Middleton was told to “expect the worst” when she rushed him to Edinburgh University’s Royal Dick Vet School, however she was amazed to find the dog was back on form in no time.

She told scotsman.com: “He loves to pick up sticks but gets injured by splinters – at home we have to hide all the socks belonging to our children Katie and Ross because he eats those as well.”

Ms Middleton continued: “Charlie almost died and the specialists at the Royal Dick did amazingly well to save him.”

The dog is still under observation at the veterinary centre at the moment. but he is scheduled to be released and back in his own dog bed soon.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh University’s Royal Dick Vet School said that Charlie had developed kidney failure after eating the raisins and urged other pet owners to keep the snack away from their pets.