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Hertfordshire groomers come up with the idea for dog ‘tattoos’

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 14/02/2013   Category: Latest News

Two Hertfordshire groomers have come up with the idea for dog ‘tattoos’, according to whtimes.co.uk.

Jessica Allegri 26 and Amanda Marshall, 29 from Hatfield use clippers to shave in the 14-week ‘temporary tattoos’ to the dog fur in shapes such as flowers, snowflakes and paws.

They claim that the idea for the ‘pooch patches’ came about after a slow day in the office, with Ms Allegri telling dailymail.co.uk: “It was a quiet day and we thought it would be fun to shave a paw print on my dog, who comes to work with me.”

She continued: “Our customers were really impressed and asked where had had it done. Since then we have had lots of people asking for pooch patches and we’ve done snowflakes, flowers and hearts.”

One person has even asked for a One Direction symbol to be shaved into their pets fur with the dog grooming equipment, according to the groomers.

The two women, who opened their own salon in April 2011are now trademarking and patenting the treatment – hoping it will become a trend amongst dog owners.

There will also be a special Valentine’s Day service at the salon this Thursday (February 14th) where the pair will shave love hearts into pooches fur.