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How To Build A Dog Run

How To Build A Dog Run

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 01/02/2012   Category: Dog Training

As we all tend to lead busier lives it is important to consider our dogs needs whilst we are away from the house working, so if you are out for long periods of time we need to consider the best way of accommodating our dogs requirements for light, shade, exercise and fresh air. A dog that is left indoors for 8 hours a day will become easily bored and often destructive as they take out their pent up energy on your house. it just isn’t reasonable to leave dogs in small confined spaces that may overheat in the warmer months on a daily basis and you need to try to provide more acceptable ways to ensure that your dog is happy.

Obviously you need to take into consideration the available space in your garden but a general guide would be to try to make the dog run as large as possible. As a minimum a dog needs to stretch and turn around easily so as a rule of thumb the minimum size should be at least twice as wide and five times as long as your dog. If you are looking for a portable dog run then you should consider a chain link dog run kit which are easily set up and can be moved around your garden, these dog runs are quite inexpensive and are suitable for most breeds but if you have a very powerful dog then please be aware that these may not be suitable and you might need something more substantial.

If you are looking for a dog run that is more permanent you need to consider a dog run made from galvanised bar panels, these generally come in two types a 5cm gap panel or an 8cm gap panel. If you have a very small breed or if you are planning to house puppies then you will need to go for the 5cm bar panels, these panels come with all the bolts and fixings and they are very easy to assemble to make any layout your require.

Generally each panel comes in differing widths 1m, 1.5m and 2m and they are all 1.84m high so even the most active of dogs should not be able to jump them. These modular dog run panels can be bolted together to make any configuration and once bolted together they are very strong and rigid. I have actually been to dog kennels that still use these galvanised dog run panels which were purchased over 25 years ago so you can be confident that they will be permanent and they represent excellent value for money.

These more permanent type of dog runs need a sleeping area for a dog to rest in which is attached to the dog run so your dog can choose whether to rest or exercise. Many customers attach the dog runs to sheds or wooden structures, or if this is not possible they buy a dog cabin that can be connected to a dog run panel by using a void run panel which has a cut out so the dog can then enter the run area.

Whatever your situation you need to have a sleeping quarter for the dog so he can sleep rest or keep warm, some dog runs that are used all year round will need the sleeping area to be insulated against harsh conditions so this is something that you need to consider if you are planning to use this through the winter months.

In summer months when it gets really hot you may well need shade or at least an area that the dog can escape from the hot rays of the sun, and most importantly every dog run needs to have water for the dog, preferably a bolt on bowl system as these cannot be knocked over, if you do leave your dog for long periods of time then you need to make sure that the water is fresh and changed daily. By providing a nice dry and warm place for them to sleep and an adequately sized dog run for them to exercise will make your dog a happy one and you can go about your busy day in the knowledge that your dogs needs are well catered for.

If you need any help or guidance on what you will require for your dog run then please call us for free on 0800 849 8844 and we will gladly help you with planning your dog run.