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How to clean a dog kennel

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 26/11/2012   Category: Pet Health

In the winter months especially your kennels seem to get dirtier than ever making it even more important to keep the kennels clean. As well as providing, comfortable bedding, toys, water and food, the most basic thing you must provide is a clean and hygienic kennel.  Depending what kennel you have determines how often you should clean it and how it should be cleaned. An outdoor kennel must be cleaned at least once a week, whereas an indoor kennel is to be cleaned monthly. The best way to do this is to work it into your cleaning schedule for your home as this is as important as cleaning your own home.

Kennels harbour germs and bacteria, especially outdoor kennels so it is extremely important to clean them. Kennels often harbour the Giardia parasite; this parasite causes intestinal problems and if it reaches contact with your dog it can cause serious problems. Another common disease caught from kennels is coccidiosis; this is a disease resembling distemper. These are just two of many diseases that can occur so you must make sure each clean is a thorough clean. If you house two or more dogs in one kennel, the importance of a clean kennel increases as cross contamination can occur.

Cleaning the kennel itself is very simple, firstly empty the entire kennel putting all toys on a boil wash and washing all bowls. Then using strong bleach and a cloth wipe the inside of the kennel all over, followed by soap to wipe any excess bleach off. I would always recommend wiping the area with a dry cloth afterwards making it safe for your dog to return. Plastic kennels are a lot easier to clean as there are fewer places for bacteria to hide. Red mite also love hiding in cracks and grooves often found in wooden kennels. I would always let the cleaning product soak into the wood on the wooden kennels incase any bacteria has got inside the cracks of the wood. When cleaning, you must let it dry after scrubbing, and then seal with wood treatment and let that dry too, this prevents the wood rotting. This would be a long job to do on a weekly basis so please bare this in mind when purchasing a kennel. As well as kennels, if you have any galvanised panels then these too would clean to be cleaned in the same way as your kennels.