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How To Keep Dog Food Fresh

How To Keep Dog Food Fresh

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 21/11/2011   Category: Dog Food

If you are like me then you will search high and low in the supermarkets to find good deals on dog food, and if that means buying massive oversized bags then I do that. The problem I then find myself with is how to keep this huge amount of food fresh everyday for my beloved dog, Poppy. She is very fussy at the best of times and doesn’t appreciate old stale food as I approach the last half of the bag. Never the less, times are tough and she has to deal with it. After I’ve just spent £30-£40, I’m definitely not going to waste it!

Working for an online pet store, I know from speaking to people that I am not the only one in this situation, so after talking to my colleagues I decide to do some research and eventually I find a brand that seem to have solved my problem; Maelson. A German company I can’t say I’ve come across before, even being in the pet industry. However their website had me drawn in immediately and there in front of me was my answer! A Maelson Dry Box.

A Maelson Dry Box is a hermetic food storage container. A modern looking multi-purpose food storage container with a built in hermetic foam sealing lid ensuring the dog food always tastes fresh and keeps pests away. It comes with a handy food scoop which is great for measuring out food exactly to 350ml and it clips neatly back in place on the lid. The lid itself is lightweight and hinged opening wide for easy access to scoop and also to check the amount of food left. After using the dry box myself for several months, it is durable and is made from impact resistant, high density material.

This box really is a fantastic product, made to the highest standards and built to last. The great thing about this dry box is no matter what space you have for the dry box, or what size pet you have, Maelson have a box to fit your needs. They have produced three different sizes holding 7.5kg, 15kg and 20g so I bought one for Poppy to keep her happy and a matching smaller one for my guinea pigs!