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Injured cat defies odds to win award

Posted by: Joe Elvin  Date: 29/11/2012   Category: Latest News


A cat who broke his hip after going missing for eight days has defied the odds to win an award at The Supreme Cat Show.

Boo Boo the Bengal cat took home the Best of Variety in the foreign neuter category at the NEC arena in Birmingham last weekend. It’s a far cry away from the days when he could barely move after suffering an awful injury, which saw the poor cat have his hip pinned.

Luckily, his operation was a complete success. Not only can he operate his cat flap once again, but now he’s won an award for his beauty.

In an interview with shropshirestar.com, owner Alex Crutchley appeared in be in awe of her beloved pet.

She said: “He went missing for eight days and he came back with a broken hip. It is quite miraculous that he has done what he has done. The vet thought he had been hit by a car and been in a coma. He is a bit of a bionic cat.

“I’m so pleased he managed to win. He is a beautifully marked cat, with a beautiful colour and lovely expressive eyes. He has a very smug look as though he knows he is special.”

According to huffingtonpost.co.uk, the event is regarded as one of the biggest cat awards shows in the world.