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Why you should keep dogs teeth clean

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 17/10/2014   Category: Expert Advice

Dogs teeth need to be looked after just the same as human teeth and as we brush our teeth twice daily, and visit the dentist twice a year we must ensure we look after our dogs teeth in the same manner, especially as they reach their adult years to prevent gum disease or tooth loss.

Gum disease is one of the most common issues that vets see when dog owners bring their dogs to the vets and this is because owners don’t always know how to look after their dogs teeth or see if they are getting a build up of tartar. If left untreated, dog’s gums and harbour bacteria which will affect the roots of the teeth and the gum tissue which can result in tooth loss.

When your dog reaches their adult years you must look after your dog’s teeth even more than usual. Keeping dogs  teeth  clean is so important for several reasons; poor dental hygiene can shorten the life of your pet considerably, they may have bad breath from a build up of plaque and tartar, they might look unsightly,  painful teeth and gums can cause dogs to lose weight. If left untreated gum disease can cause damage to internal organs such as liver, kidney or even heart disease.

It is easy to keep your dogs teeth as well looked after as your own by following these simple tips:

•    Brush your dogs teeth, in every pet store there will be products to buy to help make this easy. Once this becomes part of your dogs routine they will enjoy having it done and the attention they get. Most toothpaste comes in dog friendly flavours too!
•    Give your dog dental chews – they help remove any plaque already on your dog’s teeth and prevent it coming back. They also provide great stimulation for your dog’s gums, keeping them healthy too.
•    Don’t play with real sticks – they can splinter in your dogs mouth and lead to infection. Buy your dog other things to throw which are much safer.
•    Provide your dog with the best diet possible – the healthier food they eat the healthier they will be
•    Ask your vet to check your dogs mouth for any problems regularly

When visiting your vet for a dental check up, your vet will tell you if there is anything extra you can do for your dog. Sometimes if tartar has built up they can use specialist equipment to clean and polish their teeth both above and below the gum line which will help you keep on top of it at home too.