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Keeping your dogs safe at Christmas

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 23/12/2014   Category: Blog

As the festive season quickly approaches us it’s a great time to plan how to make this period the best it can be for your dogs whilst it’s a very hectic one for most adults.

Firstly plan which days you are having visitors and ensure you tire your dogs out before they visit. This will ensure they behave better around your house guests as they won’t have built up energy and can often make things run a lot more smoothly. It also allows you to keep your dog separate from your house guests if they are not dog people are they will be tired. Ensure your house guests know not to feed your dog any of their own food or snacks and many non dog owners would not know which foods are poisonous for dogs.

Try to keep your dogs schedule as close to it’s usual as possible. Whilst you may be off work and coming in and out of the house at different times, try to keep as much as possible the same as this may put your dog on edge and feeling agitated. Continue to work hard with the house rules for your dog, just because its Christmas time doesn’t mean you should lapse on their boundaries as it will confuse your dog and make life harder after the festive period.

Protect your dog from the winter conditions. Invest in a winter wardrobe for your dog including dog jumpers, coats, scarves and boots. Decrease the time of your walks but increase the amount of walks they have per day. This will give them the right amount of exercise and stimulation but prevents them from getting too cold and at risk of illness.

Be aware of festive items and make sure everyone in your household knows them too. Boxes are chocolates are often left out at Christmas and your dog might fancy a Christmas treat himself, however chocolate is poisonous and can be fatal to dogs. Tinsel is also a danger to dogs as it can cut up dog’s organs so keep tinsel away from your dog at all times. Be aware of the danger of your fireplace, your dog may usually enjoy sleeping in front of it however if your dog is dressed up in any Christmas clothing this is not advisable as it may be flammable. To keep your pets safe this Christmas, use a screen around your fire and never leave pets unattended.

If you follow the tips above you and your dog will have a safe and happy Christmas, and most of all enjoy spending the extra time together.