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Kennel Club announces recognition of new pedigree breed

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 15/11/2013   Category: Latest News

The Kennel Club has announced the Portuguese pointer has now achieved an official seal of approval and has bestowed recognition on the breed. The Portuguese pointer that traces back to at least the 14th century and even have royal connections has finally made Kennel Club standards.
It is the second new breed to have been added to the organisations register in the last five years which has elated owners and fans of the breed. This now brings the total number of pedigree dog breeds up to 212 in Britain.
Initially the Portuguese pointer was bred in royal kennels with its heritage being claimed back to Iberian hunting however it later became a popular breed used for hunting in the wider sections of society.
The move to include the breed in the Kennel Club Association is a great step for the breed and it shows signs of the constant increase in popularity of exotic breeds in the country. The Kennel Club will closely monitor the number of dogs registered and will be able to track its popularity over a period of time to see whether its inclusion has increased popularity.
The Kennel Club has recently reported figures that the ten breeds to have had the biggest increase in numbers over the last ten years are all foreign breeds. The biggest increase has come from the French bulldog and the Smooth coat Chihuahua which originates from Mexico.
The Kennel Club monitor the numbers of dogs registered each year and have seen a decrease in a number of dog breeds that risk being forgotten as other breeds come across as more fashionable or unusual. Native breeds such as the Old English sheepdog and the English setter have been placed on an ‘at watch’ list which is only for breeds that register between 300 and 450 puppies per year.
The owners of the Portuguese pointers applied to be added to the Kennel Club’s imported breed register to try and gain recognition for the breed itself and with this status, hope others will be interesting in the breed also. The breed will remain on the list for several years whilst the Kennel Club monitor its progress and once it has a large population and a breed standard it would be added to the official breed register.
Caroline Kisko, the Kennel Club secretary, said: “The process of being recognised as a pedigree dog by the Kennel Club takes several generations, but once we recognise a breed it means that we know that it has a reliable lineage that will give people a dog with predictable characteristics in terms of temperament and exercise and grooming needs.”
It is an exciting step forward for any lover of the Portuguese Pointer with the hope of the breed being added to the official Kennel Club list.