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Kennel Club considering bring back the ‘Kennel Gazette’ magazine about dogs

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 01/05/2014   Category: Latest News

In December 2013, The Kennel Gazette magazine ceased all publications and was quickly replaced with an online journal however it has been announced that it will now be proposed at the next annual meeting that the Kennel Club should bring back the paper version of the gazette and continue to sell this to their customers.

Simon Parson has put his proposal forward that an organisation with the prestige and history of the Kennel Club should have their own printed publications for their loyal customers. He believes it should only be up to the members of the Kennel Club to state whether they want the gazette to run again as they are the people purchasing it.

Simon Parson believes that a monthly gazette including interesting and relevant content would be a huge success to all dog owners and members of the Kennel Club.” One of the KC’s great strengths is its continuity, with traditions stretching back over 100 years,” he wrote. “One of those traditions was the Kennel Gazette, the club’s own publication, started privately by the club’s own founder, Sewallis Shirley, and handed over to the club itself in 1881.  It then came out continuously for more than 130 years. Over the years its format changed; at some periods it made more interesting reading than at others. Yet it was always there, an integral part of membership, until last year when it was announced, without reference to the members, that it would cease publication and be replaced by an online Journal.”

Mr Parsons is not hoping that the Kennel Club stops the online journal, but simply that they run both so their members and dog owners can choose which one they would like to read.

Price is of course a consideration to whether this proposal gets granted as previous products of the gazette cost the Kennel Club £128,000 annually. It only drew in £81,000 through advertising and subscriptions.

The committee  have to take into consideration the cost of the gazette and whether it is something the company can afford to run.  A ‘leading marketing publishing company’ had reviewed the magazine, the Committee said, which had estimated that it would cost more than double the cost of the previous Gazette to produce a magazine which would have ‘broad appeal as an informative and educational publication’ so it would attract subscribers and the specialist dog owner. If the online Journal was kept for more routine material this would add £10,000 to the costs.

It will now be discussed at the annual meeting and both members, the general public and everyone involved with the Kennel Club will be about to find out whether or not the gazette will return