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Kennel Club makes significant changes to dog show rules

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 08/12/2014   Category: Latest News

The Kennel Club have issued a change to their rules. There will now be a two year suspension of AV stakes and unbeaten dog regulations starting from the beginning of next year, 1st January 2015. It applies to the regulations that specify that dogs must exhibit in a breed class before they exhibit in any stake or variety class.

The Kennel Club has taken this step as they have noticed over the last few years exhibitors would withdraw their bests of breed from any of the variety or stake classes in order to remain unbeaten for their group type.
A spokesperson for the Kennel Club explained further, “As a consequence of suspending the regulation it is anticipated that not only would this encourage exhibitors who have dogs entered in both AV/stakes classes and breed classes to compete in all classes for which they had originally entered, thus reducing the absentee rate for AV classes, but also generating additional entries from exhibitors who for one reason or another may not wish or be eligible to enter their dogs in the scheduled breed classes.”

Another regulation that has been suspended for the next two years starting January 1st also is one that previously meant only unbeaten dogs are eligible to compete in either best in show or in a group. This now means that a dog that has been beaten in either a variety or stake class can now be eligible to take part in the group and best in show. This change also applies to the puppy groups and puppy best in show.

The Kennel Club are hoping this will increase the popularity of dog shows and encourage dog enthusiasts to take part in the upcoming shows as it will make better competition in both the variety and stake classes. This change in rules follows a recent one that allows breed clubs to hold their own championships in conjunction to another breed club.

The Kennel Club have published a list of questions and answers to help potential exhibitors and show societies understand the changes and the implications of those on the Kennel Club website.