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Kennel Club post Puppy Farm Film

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 29/08/2014   Category: General

The Kennel club have published a film to help raise awareness of puppy farm trading and to show potential puppy buyers why they should only ever purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder and not a disreputable source such as a puppy farm.
The film has been released just ahead of the Puppy Awareness Week that the Kennel Club run annually informing people how to buy puppies in the correct way ensuring they are both happy and healthy. The Kennel Club are asking breeders and the general public who take an interest in dogs to share and like the videos they will be posting on their social media to spread them to the public to encourage them to buy only from breeders.
The film also ties in with a new Parliamentary debate in the House of Commons, commencing in the Main Chamber on Thursday 4th September. This debate is the first of its kind after a debate first started online by PupAid went viral through using an e-petition. PupAid is a community based company that is trying to ban the sale of puppies and kittens without their mother being present. This currently happens in puppy farms, pet shops and supermarkets and now even gardens centres where puppies and kittens can be purchased like any other product in their shop.
Any petition that aims to get debated in the house of parliament must reach 100,000 of more signatures before it gets debated and the PupAid petition exceeded these figures easily as many dog breeders and owners are concerned for puppies and kittens welfare. PupAids Marc Abraham is now calling on these dog owners, breeders and animal lovers in general to contact their local MP to get them to support this debate on the 4th September to prevent the sale of puppies in shops and farms.
The Kennel Club believe up to one in four people are purchasing puppies from social media websites, free advertisements and pet shops which is usually where puppy farmers will advertise their stock. They believe this problem is quickly increasing and are worried by this.
Kennel Club’s Secretary Caroline Kisko explained, “This is a growing problem. The majority fail to see the puppy with its mother or in its breeding environment, and very few receive a puppy contract or relevant health certificates for the puppy’s parents, which indicate the likely health of the pup. The film, made in conjunction with Marc, shows the consequences of buying a puppy-farmed pup, which can include costly treatment for parvovirus, worms, gastro-enteritis, kennel cough and pneumonia, and what a puppy buyer should expect to see when buying from a responsible KC Assured Breeder.”

Marc Abraham wants this film to give information to puppy owners about where and who to buy from. Mr Abraham said: “People need to understand that it is not acceptable to buy a puppy without seeing it interacting with its mother without seeing the breeding environment, without a contract of sale, or without health test certificates.”