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Kennel Club stop owners picking their dog up by the tail

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 30/04/2015   Category: Latest News

The Kennel Club is now issuing updated specimen schedules that state picking a dog up by their tail or leads is simply unacceptable emphasising that at any KC licensed shows reports of anything of this nature will be investigated under harsh handling regulation F11.

The update comes after uproar caused by Crufts Winner lifting her Scottish terrier by its tail and throat. The schedule wording is as follows, ‘Exhibitors must not pick up dogs by their tails and leads when lifting them. This is not acceptable. Exhibitors should note that such practice would constitute harsh handling and reports of such practice will be referred to the Committee under regulation F11’.

The Kennel Club would like to make aware to the public that they have never agreed with handling dogs in such a way however to make this clear to anyone who attends or participates in their shows they will have now this printed in each shows schedule. A Kennel Club representative explained, “While there was already guidance in the Crufts show schedule in relation to this matter it was not in the show schedules at other licensed shows, the wording that will now be in all show schedules makes it absolutely clear that the practice is against regulations and will be considered as harsh handling. If such action is proven there are a range of possible penalties which might include a fine, revocation of an award or a ban from future shows.”

Any reports of harsh handling will be taken very seriously and will be entered into the shows incident book along with any witness statements which will then be sent to the Kennel Club after the show and dealt with then.

Whilst this seems a positive move forward after the upheaval that it caused at the last Crufts show, some members of the public are concerned about the wording used in the updated specimen schedule. The schedule states that you should not pick up a dog by their tail and lead whereas in this instance it was using the dog’s tail and throat to be lifted up. Members of the public are hoping this isn’t going to be a loophole in the system when it comes to discipline for harsh handling. After months and months of dog training for such events, it is upsetting to see any owner mishandling their dog and the Kennel Club hope by changing the schedule this should not happen again.

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