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So who killed Jagger?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 13/03/2015   Category: Blog

Crufts 2015 is in turmoil after the dreadful news that one of the dogs sadly passed away under suspicious circumstances.  It had been suggested that the dog was poisoned by being fed meat laced with chemicals, although they are waiting for the results of toxicology tests.

So why has this happened and what can be done to prevent this from happening again?

One possibility is that a jealous competitor poisoned Jagger. Crufts is a highly competitive competition that people spend months and years even planning for. Some people may be so eager to win that they will go to any lengths try and kill another other strong competitor in an attempt to give themselves an advantage. The dog show breeds contempt and jealousy amongst fellow competitors and it is quite common for feelings to run high on occasions.

Crufts is based in England and historically was attended by mainly dogs from the UK and Ireland. However in recent years there has been a significant number of entries from all over the world all vying for the prestigious trophy. Some UK entrants get jealous of this overseas  competition especially when they start winning. However, Crufts is an international show and surely that means it has to be open to all nationalities entering and people should not get jealous of the quality of overseas dogs, instead it should inspire them.

Another possibility is that the person who poisoned Jagger was an Animal Rights Activist. These people tend to turn up to shows as large as Crufts and try to gain profile and attention for their efforts by doing stunts like this. In fact, there was one animal rights activist who protested in the ring on the final day, so there were definitely protestors present at Crufts.

Whilst it is important that whoever poisoned Jagger is found and punished, it raises the question of just how competitors can ensure their dogs are kept safe during events? Even though most of the dogs are kept in dog cages and watched around the clock it is virtually impossible to ensure that the dogs are safe when someone could easily throw poison into their cages.

Dog shows such as Crufts must now look at how they can make things safer for competitors as this could definitely put competitors off from attending in future. They now have the difficulty of finding new ways to increase the level of safety and security to all competitors and their dogs, a difficult challenge for sure.