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Launch for Dog TV provides great viewing for canines

Posted by: Richard Towey  Date: 13/07/2013   Category: Latest News

Dogs can now sample the joys of slumping on the sofa – or a dog bed – and spending a night with their favourite TV shows, and it’s all thanks to the launch of a new channel designed especially for canines.

Described as ‘the perfect babysitter for dogs who have to stay home alone’, DogTV is a 24/7, all breeds-friendly channel that is all set for a grand launch on August 1.

Dailymail.co.uk says a trial has been running in San Diego for the past 12 months to see whether dogs are engaged by programmes tailored for their viewing. That’s after PTV, the company behind the channel, spent almost four years working with behavioural experts to develop test programming for canines.

The schedule on DogTV will mainly consist of 3-6 minute video clips split into three different categories of content, including relation, stimulation and exposure.

According to forbes.com, the network says its new shows should prevent mental fatigue in dogs that are left alone for prolonged periods of time, while also helping cure depression and boredom.

DogTV will be available to America’s cable customers on DirectTV for $4.99 per month (around £3.29) following a free two-week trial, but UK dog owners can still subscribe and watch the channel online.