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Let Your Cat Enjoy the Freedom of a Cat Flap

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 08/01/2016   Category: Blog

Cats are very independent creatures who value their freedom. They like to wander in and out of the house whenever they want. You can fuel your cat’s curiosity by fitting a cat flap.

As well as being great for your cat, a cat flap has benefits for the owner too. Your cat can let itself in or out while you are at work or during the night. You also don’t have to get up early at weekends to let the cat out or stand around freezing at bedtime to get the cat back in.

The cat can go and play outside and then let itself in if it is raining or it is hungry, for example.

A cat flap is very convenient for everyone concerned. Some are even large enough so that a small dog can use it too.

You can buy a variety of pet doors at all prices. The most economical items cost from a few pounds and are lockable, so you can shut your cat in at night if you want or you could lock it while you are on holiday.

If there are a lot of cats in your area, you may want to fit a flap which can only be used by your pets. You don’t want the neighbourhood cats coming in and snaffling the food or sharing your sofa, do you?

In these cases, you can fit a pet door which has an electromagnetic device, infra-red device or microchip so it is activated by the collar on your cat.

You can have control over access with locking options such as in only, out only, open or locked.

Many of them can be fitted to doors, windows or walls. With a saw, screwdriver and drill, they can be installed within a few minutes. Then all you need to do is to train your cat to use its personal door to your home.

The cat flap will allow your pet to have its independence to explore the great outdoors while freeing up your time too.

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