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Lhasa Apso saves owners life

Lhasa Apso saves owners life

Posted by: Joe Elvin  Date: 24/10/2012   Category: Uncategorized

A heroic Lhasa Apso has saved its owner from drowning in sinking mud.

Derek Ramsden, 81, was fighting for his life after falling into the mud from a small ridge whilst walking his dogs earlier this month.

However, seven-year-old pooch Toby managed to save the day by running off and alerting security staff of the incident.

In an interview with dailymail.co.uk, Derek explained: “I managed to get hold of a railing on the bridge, It was frightening. I could not get out and you can’t hold your grip for long at my age. I was scared that I was going to tumble down the bank. I don’t like to think what would have happened if not for Toby.

“Toby had barked anxiously at the staff. They must have known there was a problem and followed him back to me. Toby led the way and kept stopping for helpers to catch up. Toby is dedicated to both of us and I think he is a hero.”

Toby probably slept well in his dog bed that night after such an eventful walk. According to telegraph.co.uk, he ran around a quarter of a mile to alert staff of his owner’s predicament. His other dog Bruno, an 18-year-old Staffie Cross, walked off.