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Lillies are a danger to cats

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 21/03/2013   Category: Pet Health

Whilst Lilies are very beautiful flowers, loved by many for their exotic appearance and scent it should be noted just how dangerous they are to cats.

Many cat owners think it only the pollen that is dangerous to a cat if they brush along it, lick or eat it and whilst this is the case and the pollen is deadly, it is infact the whole part of the flower that is dangerous and very toxic to cats. Only a small portion of the flower needs to be consumed for the cat to become ill and this is what makes the flower so dangerous to cats.

The way it affects cats is that it contains a poison that is absorbed very quickly and acts mainly on the kidney which can cause kidney damage or even death. The first sign to a cat becoming ill due to eating a lily would be vomiting followed by a loss in appetite. If you think your cat may have eaten any part of a lily, it is recommended to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible as a matter of urgency. With the warning signs on lilies only being small, many may not even notice them which potentially can be very dangerous to cat owners.

If you own a cat it is best to consider where your flowers are kept and if your cat can reach them or not. Some cat owners prefer to keep lilies out of the home completely so they have peace of mind especially if you have kittens or curious cats that would jump to have a sniff of them. Take care of your cats by choosing your flowers wisely.