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London to see UK’s first ever cat cafe after public donations

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 01/03/2013   Category: Latest News

The UK is to open its first even cat cafe after £100,000 was donated from the public, according to metro.co.uk.

The funds, which were raised through crowd-funding website Indiegogo, mean that entrepreneur Lauren Pears can now realise her “dream” of opening the cafe.

Ms Pears, 30, says that she had already found the ten to 15 cats who will staff the cafe, which is to be situated in the Old Street area of London. The animals, which will come out of their cat beds in order to interact with customers, have come from the Mayhew Animal Home in Kensal Green, north-west London.

Talking about the new idea of having a cover cost, Ms Pears told independent.co.uk: “We tried to figure out a solution where the cats don’t get too stressed out, which is why we’ve introduced the cover charge.

She continued: “That way, people can stay as long as they like without feeling like they’re against the clock, which works for the cats because it takes cats a little time to get used to people.”

Ms Pears came up with the idea for the cafe in the UK after they proved popular in Japan. She revealed that she has already had 300 applicants for people wanting to work in the cafe, as well as 15 more being sent in each day.