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London’s first cat cafe gains planning permission

Posted by: Ashley Curtis  Date: 20/09/2013   Category: Uncategorized

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London’s first cafe where customers can sit toe-to-paw with cute kittens while they sip coffee, has been awarded planning permission by Hackney Council.

Reported by eastlondonadvertiser.co.uk, the cafe has been inspired by the popularity of similar ventures in Tokyo and has finally been given the green light by the cafe’s local authority.

However the cafe’s opening date is still far off; the emporium still needs building work, a ‘settling in’ period for the furry felines and a number of sponsors to sign up before it can open its doors.

According to liligo.co.uk, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium will consist of three parts: a zone where the cats can live on their cat beds and play with various toys, another zone where visitors can enjoy drinks while playing and stroking the cats and a cat-free third zone where food and drink is prepared.

In addition, all the cats living in the building will be rescued from a local animal rescue charity.

The cafe’s owner Lauren Peers has gone into detail about the welfare of the cats and the design of the cafe.

She said: “Our cafe design has been created with the emotional needs of the cats in mind: multiple entry/exit points, lots of enclosed bedding spaces, and plenty of places to hide. The cats will have the freedom to do as they please, when they please (and isn’t that just how they like it?).”