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‘Lost’ cat returns home after six years

‘Lost’ cat returns home after six years

Posted by: Elizabeth Smythe  Date: 31/10/2012   Category: Latest News

A Hampshire couple have been reunited with their black and white cat years after it went missing, portsmouth.co.uk reports.

When Jo and Ade Haigh’s cat (named Charlie) went missing in 2006, the usual posters and pleas for help proved fruitless. The couple – then living in Stubbington, Hampshire – consequently thought they would never see their pet again.

Six years later and now living a few miles away in Titchfield Common, Mrs Haigh visited Stubbington to view a property. As she passed her old home, she was stunned to see a cat that resembled Charlie. A local resident said he had been feeding that cat for the last two and a half years.

Mrs Haigh took the cat to the Stubbington Ark animal shelter, where she is employed as a receptionist, to ask the vets to test for a microchip. Not only was the cat chipped, but the tests proved that he was the missing Charlie.

“I’m over the moon to have him back,” Mrs Haigh told dailymail.co.uk. “We shed a few tears when the microchip worked. We had always been left wondering what happened to him.”

The story just goes to highlight how essential microchipping pets really is, otherwise identifying Charlie might have been a far longer, drawn-out process. Once a pet has been chipped, a microchip cat flap might be a good investment to ensure that the right cat can enter the home.

Charlie, reinstated in his rightful home, is said to be ‘quite content’ but has not yet been let outside. “We will eventually,” said Mrs Haigh, “but I’m not sure when I’ll be brave enough.”