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Lost dog survives motorway collision to complete walk home

Posted by: Joe Elvin  Date: 16/08/2013   Category: Latest News

A collie cross, who was hit by a car on the motorway after going missing, was still able to complete a ten-mile journey to the home of his owner’s parents.

Eight-month-old Brieze was feared dead after running away from a temporary carer during a walk in an unfamiliar Gloucestershire countryside.

Yet, despite being hit at 70mph by a car, the intelligent puppy somehow managed to make its way to a familiar home 18 hours later.

According to express.co.uk, Brieze escaped the episode with no lasting injuries. However, the remarkable story does highlight the importance of keeping shy canines close by with a lead or dog harness.

In an interview with dailymail.co.uk, owner Sarah Walter had admitted that she had given up hope of finding her pet alive.

“How he got to my parents’ house, I don’t know. He wouldn’t have had a clue how to get there and every time I’ve gone there with him, I’ve done the journey in a car. He must have an in-built navigation system.

“My mum just stood back from the door and he ran in. He will have been running for 18 hours. He’s still shattered now. He’s come through his journey quite well.”