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Lost Dotty the yorkie finally reunited with owner

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 03/04/2014   Category: Blog

Yorkshire Terrier Dotty had been taken to the wonderful Hanchurch woods by her owners Brett and Gareth for a nice long walk when around 12pm she had walked off and got lost. After hours of searching, she was nowhere to be found. As all owners, Brett and Gareth panicked however they knew they had to return home in hope that making posters and using social media would help strengthen the search.

After a whole day of searching and putting us posters Dotty was still nowhere to be seen and the owners were distraught by this time. Dotty was micro chipped and was wearing a collar with all information so if anyone found her it would lead straight to her owners.

We were asked to help and posted this on our Facebook and Twitter accounts and this soon started to spread across the social networks. Consequently many people got involved in the search physicallygoing out looking even after the hours of dark as this is a large area  and finally after two nights of sleeping alone in the country she was spotted in a village around 2-3 miles away from where she was lost in the woods. Owner Brett came within 50 yards of her at one point however she ran away and Brett couldn’t find her again.

After three nights all alone Dotty was finally found safe by one of the search team sitting in a field and was coached towards them using food and treats. Dotty has now been reunited with her owners and all three are extremely happy this ordeal is over.It goes to show the power of social media is absolutely huge, since putting it on our Twitter page we have had over 80 replies, retweets and messages with everyone willing to help with the search. It’s always great to have a happy ending and we are so pleased that Dotty is now safe and back home.