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Lucy wobbly dog loves the Solvit Carelift harness

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 21/06/2013   Category: Dog Walking

Lucy known as Lucy Wobbly Dog has a degenerative neurological condition which affects all four of her legs and unfortunately is not curable. However with the love and care from her owner she can carry on living a fulfilled happy life for as long as possible. Lucy’s owner wanted to find a harness to help take some of the strain off Lucy’s legs making walks and journeys out to the park more enjoyable. After trying several harnesses she came across the Solvit Carelift harness.
This harness allows the owner to take some of the weight off Lucy’s legs by having a long strap to go on the owners shoulders which also helps incase Lucy ever loses her balance. This harness allows Lucy to go out more regularly and enjoy her time outdoors pain and struggle free.
Lucy’s owner states, “She has had a few different harnesses over the years but this is the first that supports both her front and rear ends at the same time.”
Here is Lucy out on a walk with her Solvit Carelift Harness.