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May is Pet Cancer Awareness month

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 27/05/2014   Category: Blog

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month and for that reason we want to raise awareness of cancer in pets as it’s a subject that often goes unnoticed. Cancer is a dreaded diagnosis for any pet owner to receive however having the right information and support can help during this difficult time. When your veterinarian gives you the diagnosis that your dog has cancer you will be told about several options and decisions you will have to make on your dog’s behalf.

Firstly, you will feel like asking your vet as many questions as you can think of which is completely normal however most of their answers won’t sink in so don’t panic. The main question to ask is how urgent decisions need to be made, this allows you to return home and take a few days to go through everything and make the best decision for you and your pet.

It is important to not directly link cancer in humans to cancer in dogs as dogs very rarely have the same side effects. It is encouraged to research the type of cancer your dog has so you know all of the facts however do not believe everything you read on the internet. Only use professional and factual websites for your research but the best people to speak to would be your vet.

Whilst you must act quickly in some cases with making decisions it is important to only take one step at a time. You only need to make one decision at a time and go from there. This way you can ensure you are not overloaded with information and can make the right choices for your pet. It also helps as if you try and think too far into the future you may be making decisions that you might never have to make.

Finally, listen to your heart and your head and no one else’s. You are your pets owners and only you know what it is like to have had your pet in your life. Stay away from anyone who sees pets as animals and feel they must be treated like that. Surround yourself with the support from loved ones that you need as you will need to look after and be there for your pet so you need to have someone doing that for you. The only person to make decisions about your pet should be you.

Remember you are not the only one to be going through this and there is plenty of help available through your vet. Try not to treat your pet any differently to normal, they will still want the same level of love and attention and as dogs are creatures of habit the more that stays the same the better for them.