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Micro-chipping campaign reaches record heights for Petlog

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 10/06/2013   Category: Latest News

We are now in the tenth National Micro Chipping month that campaigns to keep millions of our pets in the UK safe. Micro chipping month which Petlog sponsors is set to be their biggest month of campaigning yet. Petlog is the biggest lost and found database for pets and after a huge ten years of promoting the awareness and benefits of micro chipping it now proudly holds over seven million owner details for pets, helping reunite pets who are lost with their rightful owners.
Whilst they have helped large amounts of people by campaigning and promoting the benefits of micro chipping, now they are moving forward to raise awareness of the importance of keeping these details updated. If you move house and vets then Petlog has no way of contacting an owner to the connection is lost but these things are easily forgotten about but very simple to change.
Petlog is offering a deal during National Micro chip month which involves a lifetime enhanced service which has several different benefits including free updates for a reduced special price of £7.50. This comes at a great time as in the next few years micro chipping will become compulsory and this will help give any pet owner peace of mind over the safety of their pet. Once you become a customer of Petlog you can be assured than if your dog ever went missing they have a dedicated skilled team to work alongside the database provided to find your dog.
If you want to help with National Micro chipping month visit the official website www.nationalmicrochippingmonth.org.uk and find out what is going on in your local area.