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More owners training dogs to be entertainers, due to Ashleigh and Pudsey effect

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 19/02/2013   Category: Latest News

New research has revealed that nation has become inspired to train their dogs, due to the ‘Ashley and Pudsey effect’, according to northhantstelegraph.co.uk.

The data, which was conducted by the Kennel Club, shows that UK dog owners now spend up to five hours a week training their pets with entertainment skills such as learning to dance.

A third of those who do say they train their dogs with these tricks said that the inspiration came from last year’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ winners- owner and dog act Ashley and Pudsey.

One third of participants also admitted that they are training their dog in hope for it to go on to a successful showbiz career.

Talking about the results, Caroline Kisko, secretary of the Kennel Club, told click-manchester.com: “It is great to see the so-called ‘Pudsey effect’ motivating people to teach their dogs tricks and take part in dog sports and leisure activities. It is a perfect way for dog and owner to bond and have fun in the process.”

Dog owners should however be prepared to get their dog grooming equipment out and get their pooches performance-ready as The Kennel Club is now running it’s own competition, entitled ‘Crufts Factor’. The contest is looking for talented dogs to perform in front of a live audience at the Crufts 2013 event.

Judges include winner of ITV show ‘That Dog’s Got Talent’, Lucy Heath, as well as Olympic swimmer Mark Foster.

Foster said about judging the show: ” can’t wait to judge ‘Cruft’s Factor’ and maybe gain some inspiration for what my dog Em, could be taught to do.”