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Murphy on the mend with his dog ramp

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 16/05/2014   Category: Owners Stories

Murphy was found wandering the streets at about 3 years old and was brought to Battersea Dogs Home. There he was neutered, vaccinated, chipped and given a good home. He was brought up well, because he has excellent manners. He knows quite a few tricks. (Paw, other paw, roll over etc.) His owner eventually became too ill, spending more time in hospital than out, and Murphy was returned to Battersea last year. The vets at Battersea checked him over and removed several non-cancerous growths (lumps on his body) and we (Peter and Linda) were able to take him home. He is definitely an old dog, a bit arthritic, a bit blind, but always friendly and always hungry!

We had owned another Golden Labrador (called ‘Hairy’, again from Battersea) during the eighties, so we are well used to the breed. Murphy has settled in well, in the year plus we have had him, he is a known ‘face’ on our local High Street, he often charms the girls and young children, and enjoys his walks here in SE London. He used to be able to jump up to reach our Mercedes B Class boot space, (a medium size MPV) then things changed when a Staffie attacked him.

His right front leg was broken (ulna and radius) and he has a number of wounds to his leg, the worst down to the bone. He was patched up by the Royal Veterinary College at Hatfield, and is now recovering well, but obviously cannot jump in and out of the car. We then did a lot of online research for dog ramps and then phoned Easy Animal for some really useful advice before decideng to buy a ramp.

This dog ramp (DELUXE TELESCOPIC DOG RAMP BY SOLVIT) works extremely well. It fits nicely in the boot or across the rear seats, is light, a one hand carry, similar to a small aluminium domestic step ladder. Extended it is a useful 6 feet long, and gives a comfortable easy slope for Murphy to walk up and down. He learned how to use it within a couple of uses, and now treats it as his normal way into the back of the car. It is noticeable that the extended ramp does not flex or flop and has a good secure surface to walk on, with good grip for his feet. We also use it to enable Murphy to get up and lie on a bed whilst we dress his wounds. We found kneeling on the floor to be hard for us.

Whilst in the RVC we met another dog with a similar problem. The owner described how he needed a ramp to enable a dog to walk on and off a narrowboat. I was glad to recommend the Solvit and also the guys at Easy Animal for their help