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National Pet Month starts 1st April

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 18/03/2015   Category: Latest News

National Pet Month is approaching! From 1st April – May 4th this year, we will be celebrating National Pet Month and making a huge fuss of all of our lovely pets and we urge you to do the same. It’s a month to raise awareness to other pet owners, people thinking of getting a pet and even people without them. Whilst we celebrate how fantastic having a pet is we also look at the importance of caring for them and treating them correctly. We have come up with ten points that we would like to raise over the National Pet Month.

·         If you are considering getting a pet do your research first. Decide which pet is best for you and your lifestyle, thinking about the cost of a pet with food, insurance and bills taken into consideration. Look as the space and time you have available for the pet, you must be able to give them the best quality of life possible all year round.

·         Once you get your pet, get the correct training for them and socialise them with other people and animals. This will help them become approachable and prevent them from being aggressive towards strangers. Young pets tend to pick things up quickly so start from an early age and continue this throughout their life. There are many classes that run regularly especially dog training.

·         Provide your pet with the correct diet, pet health is very important to ensure their diet is varied and nutritious.

·         Provide your pet with suitable bedding and toys. Just like babies, young pets will want to play, providing them with a few toys will keep them occupied and a comfortable bed will let them get their rest when needed.

·         Groom your pet regularly including coat and nails. If you let them get too long or do not brush their coat, it can get tangled and matted. If nails are let too long in between cutting them, it can be painful for the pet.

·         Clean up after your pet – if your pet makes a mess in public, it is your responsibility to clean it up. There are now laws in place and you can be fined a substantial amount if you are caught not doing so.

·         Take care of your dog’s health. Keep their vaccinations up to date and ensure they are up to date with worming and flea medication.

·         Take out insurance for your pet as this will help if they ever have an accident or a serious illness. Insurance will cover the cost of large vet bills.

·         Ensure your pets are identifiable – get them micro chipped. Most pets can now be micro chipped that need it and it helps you be reunited with them if they ever went missing.

·         Most of all, love and care for your pet for all of its life.

Raise awareness for National Pet Month however you would like, raise money for them, hold events and spoil your pets rotten. Be sure to use the hash tag #nationalpetmonth and let us see what you have been up to.