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New app to help dog adoption

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 02/06/2014   Category: Latest News

A new mobile application called BarkBuddy has just launched that helps you look and browse dogs during the dog adoption process. It works similar to the popular dating app, Tinder where you swipe left or right to show interest in a particular breed or dog.

Bark and Co have launched the app BarkBuddy after realising the number of people searching the internet for dogs so can up with the app to make life simpler. It works with over 2,500 and has over 300,000 dogs listed.

As you sign up for the app, you enter the details of a dog breed you are interested in, the age of a dog, gender, size and much more than BarkBuddy gets to work and finds dogs in your area that are a match to you. You can then read about your dog and contact the shelter to go and visit them.

Shelters often don’t update their website with current data of what dogs they have as they are either run by volunteers or don’t have the time the physically upload pictures and information on each dog. This is where BarkBuddy really comes into its element as it has pictures and descriptions for all of the dogs it has listed and this creates one less job for shelters to do whilst the app helps the shelters get more visitors and potential dog owners looking for a new dog to re-home.

After using BarkBuddy for a while, it will enable you to see what type of dog, dog breed and age of the dog you are looking for which narrows your search considerably then you can visit the dogs in your local community and decide which the perfect match for you is. The app helps the shelters job easier and the potential dog owner’s task of finding a dog simple and fun.

The company is really pleased which how BarkBuddy has taken off after launching it this month, they have made a few tweaks and got it to be exactly how they imagined it. So many shelters have jumped on board with more joining every day. They are now ready to launch this to the wider public and help even more dog owners find a dog. The company stated they are providing a technology that has never been done before, and it helps the good shelters succeed and free up spare that is desperately needed to other homeless dogs.

Let’s hope this app is a huge success and can be launched in several countries, helping dogs, shelters and dog owners across the world.