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New dog kennel website launched – KennelSpace

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 17/05/2013   Category: Uncategorized

KennelSpace have just launched their new website showcasing their high quality bespoke kennels. With over 15 years of experience of both kennel design and construction, KennelSpace have an abundance of loyal customers that are expanding daily. With the best soundproofing system on the market and the highest quality materials producing a long term lifespan it isn’t surprising that you can buy a kennel with confidence.

KennelSpace have experience in producing bespoke kennels for just one dog at home or several dogs right through to the larger kennels for professional use. Customers  can choose the exact size of both the run area and the sleeping area with no restrictions so they will get a completely unique and custom-built dog kennel.

Every kennel no matter how big or small is manufactured from our unique structural composite material that other alternatives such as plastic and grp cannot compete with. Our kennels come with the top safety features possible including key operated security locks meaning when leaving your dogs unattended you know they are completely secure. With a  large choice of wall thicknesses you can create your very own kennel  that is the best thermal solution on the market.

If you are looking at buying a new kennel or want your existing kennel revamped or extended then head over to www.kennelspace.co.uk and fill out an enquiry form.