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New dog microchipping regulations update

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 26/02/2015   Category: Latest News

As most dog owners will already be aware, micro chipping your dog will become compulsory in April 2016. However the government have now just announced the latest regulations coincide with the new law of micro chipping. The new regulations are put in place alongside the micro chipping to ensure the government gets the best out of the new law.

The microchip and its data

·         By April 6th 2016 every keeper of a dog must microchip their dog and register all information with an approved microchip database.

·         The keeper must ensure that puppies are chipped and registered before they are 8 weeks old to ensure no puppies are handed over to owners without being chipped.

·         The new keeper then has the responsibility of keeping the chip up to date with any address or name changes as this will be automatically updated on the database.

·         If the keeper is a breeder then their information including their licence number will need to be recorded on the chip

Implanting microchips

·         Only people who are veterinary professionals or who have completed approved training course can implant a microchip

·         Anyone who implants a microchip and sees an adverse reaction must report it to your vet.

Docked working dogs can be chipped up to 12 weeks unlike the 8 week limit that other puppies have. If any dog owner or keeper is found to have broken any of the regulations set above then they may face fines of up to £500.

These regulations are brought into practice to keep both dog owners and the general public safe, it will also help reunite lost owners and their dogs and help the dog industry such as boarding kennels only accept dogs that are up to date with their vaccinations.

Most owners are looking forward to the change in the law as dogs are one of the last pets to have microchips . Cats have been micro chipped for several years and there are now a variety of products to improve their lives through using micro chips. Micro chip cat flaps are the main product that has come from these implants which can be used to only allow your cats inside your home,  keeping you and your family safe from strays and other wildlife. They also help with more common nuisance behaviour from neighbouring cats such as eating your cat’s food and spraying in your home.

Micro chipping will soon be as accessible and routine as taking your dog to the vets and groomers, make sure you book your dog in with your vet before the deadline.