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New Doog Mini Arrives in the UK

New Doog Mini Arrives in the UK

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 24/05/2012   Category: Brands

We are excited to bring to the UK the new DOOG Mini For those who love running with their dog or simply like to carry less when out and about, the DOOG Mini is what you’ve been waiting for. This exciting new lightweight elasticated belt is a great way to carry your poo bags, phone, keys or money without having to use your pockets. The Doog mini can be worn over clothing or underneath and one size fits all so there really is no excuse to get out their and have fun.

The Mini comes with a fully adjustable elastic waist band which holds the Mini snugly in place when running or walking – so there’s no bouncing about! A breathable mesh padding on the back provides comfort and aeration. Like the Walkie belts the Mini comes with a free pack of DOOG pick-up bags (20 in a belt) designed to pull out easily. The back pocket holds an iPhone, a spare key and money. It comes in two colours – black or bright pink. 

See this exciting new product in our dog walking section online.