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New Julius K9 swimming vest for dogs in stock

New Julius K9 swimming vest for dogs in stock

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 28/06/2013   Category: Dog Training

We are really excited about stocking the new  Julius-K9 3 in 1 swimming vest to our portfolio of great products. This new swimming vest has three uses which makes it a fantastic cost effective product.

Firstly if your dog has had surgery or an accident and you choose to use swimming for therapy then these vests are essential for a fast and safe recovery. Allowing you to choose the exact number of foam pads, you can guide your dog back to full fitness at a rate that you think is best. With a strong handle on the top of the handle, you can gain a tight grip very quickly to help control or steady the dog. This swimming vest is great for all dogs that like to swim or maybe you have your dog when you go on a boat or around a swimming pool and you want peace of mind as the coat works as a great flotation aid and life vest.

It is also a great harness for walks as you can attach a lead to the ring on the top of the harness and use the handle to lift the dog when necessary. The vest also works as a neoprene jacket which protects your dog from weathers such as rain, wind and cold meaning your dog will be happier outside in all climates.

We have had lots of interest in this vest and some great feedback on how much it enhances dogs lives and helps them to recover faster. We think it’s great to have a product that helps dogs recover but can then carry on being used for other purposes. If you need to know anything about this truly versatile product then give us a call , at Easy Animal HQ we give this swimming vest a 10 out of 10, we love it.