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New Kuranda Dog Beds Launched

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 27/01/2015   Category: Blog

Choosing a dog bed if a difficult task as there are so many different options available to dog owners on the market, however if you have chosen a raised dog bed then that narrows the search down slightly. A raised dog bed is a fantastic alternative to a normal dog bed as it is raised up off the floor away from any cold drafts, making the bed a cosy place for your dog to sleep. Raised beds allow for good circulation of air which means your dog won’t feel the cold floor in the winter,  and they also won’t get  condensation underneath the bed in the summer. This condensation can cause mould and ruin your dogs bed. They also provide a firm support for your dogs spine which is better than any dog bed or pillow could which is great news dogs of all ages.

One of the current leaders in the dog bed industry would be Kuranda dog beds, reknown for making chew proof raised dog beds. They have just launched a brand new version of their best selling raised dog bed which has been designed for indoor use by dog owners. The new  bed comes in a grey colour way that is sure to look great in any dog owner’s house. It’s exciting new appearance makes this more appealling to homeowners who wanted a more subtle look and feel to their Kuranda bed.

The poly resin bed frame is indestructible which is why dog owners love it! It is chew proof so your bed is set to last the test of time even with chewing puppies or dogs that have bad habits. This is ideal if you have gone through several dog beds and feel yourself constantly replacing them. This bed will eradicate buying beds that get chewed, lose their shape, grow mould and begin to smell.  The grey breathable fabric is perfect for keeping your dog the right temperature without making them sweaty. The bed is orthopaedic so suits dogs that have any health problems but can also help prevent issues by giving your dog the best night sleep possible. It is easy to clean and is one of the most hygienic dog beds available which is great for both you and your dog – no more dog smell! The patented chew proof design is so quick and simple to assemble that this bed can be taken with you on holidays and trips just as easy as a normal dog bed making dog travel even easier.

This new version will be exclusively stocked by Easy Animal and is available immediately with free delivery in three sizes; medium 35’ x 23’, large 40’ x 25’ and extra large 44’ x 27’, suiting a variety of dog breeds. Be sure to measure your dog when they sleep to know which size will best suit your dog. If you require any further guidance, please contact our experienced team who will be glad to help you.