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New Microchipping Laws for Dogs

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 15/07/2016   Category: Animal HQ

In 2016, the law changed  that  now require  all dogs must be micro chipped in a bid to help owners find their pets. However from other perspectives there seems to be a few flaws in the plans to the new scheme.

It has never been stated who will ultimately be responsible for this new enforcement which at first especially is going to be a huge operation to check all dogs. Will there be a fine for the dog owner if they are found to not be chipped and who would this fine be if the dog lives with more than one adult. Also how much would be an appropriate fine, how would this be monitored and who would the money go to. It then opens up several other issues with payments, such as what if the owner couldn’t pay the fine; whether they are elderly, or on benefits.

Another issue with micro chipping is the security of the dog owner’s details. Where will these details be kept, will it be one large database or will it be several smaller sizes databases. How safe will this information be and could it be used against the dog owner. For example, for a dog owner living on benefits, could there be a limit to how many dogs they have.

Would dogs need to be micro chipped once during their life or would this be an ongoing changing thing. Technology is changing constantly, would microchips expire as technology moves forward therefore meaning dog owners would have to re chip their dog again as this could cause problems for the system in place to monitor everyone is obeying these laws.

Whilst the compulsory micro chipping primarily affects dog owners, it also affects companies in the dog industry including boarding kennels. It is currently left unanswered just how this new law will affect kennels. It’s been suggested that it might become part of their routine to scan dogs on enter to ensure they are chipped, however it then leads to the question of who will be allowed to freely scan dogs and gain information about them and their owners.

Ultimately, whilst it is unclear that now the law has  changed fromApril 2016, it is unclear on exactly how this is going to be managed and work in practise as a new law. We would love to hear your views on this new law. Send us your opinion on our facebook page www.facebook.com/easyanimal2 or tweet us @easyanimal